Approach for Business Initiative (Supplier Profile Management)

If you are interested in providing products or services to TSMC, you are required to register for a supplier account and provide accurate business information for business initiative. You are liable for the information you provide to tsmc, and you warrant that the information you provide is true and accurate. The more detail information you disclose, the better tsmc can evaluate you as a potential supplier. Please note that passing the tsmc supplier qualification procedure is a pre-requisite for starting business transaction (i.e. receiving purchase orders) with tsmc, and that by registering for an account and providing information do not automatically qualify you as a tsmc supplier.

Approach for Visiting(Supplier Visiting management)

To ensure the proper division of labor and to avoid unnecessary conflict and dispute of commercial interests, Procurement personnel shall be the principal window for business interaction with vendors. All of supplier’s visit for business negotiation and technical communications will be governed by “Rule for Managing Interaction between TSMC and Sales Personnel”. Unless you have become a qualified supplier of tsmc, you cannot register for meeting.

Before registering for supplier account, you need to know more about tsmc’s

  1. Supplier business category
  2. Supplier qualification procedure
  3. Supplier visiting registration

Knowing the above will facilitate your application more easily and smoothly.

Supplier Business Category

EQ - Equipment
Bump Tool Metrology_Service
CMP/ECP Tool Prober Leasing
CP/Test QR (EQ)
CVD Tool Radical OX Tool
Flash Anneal Tool RD CVD Tool
Etching Tool_LAM Sput/PVD Tool
Etching Tool_Non LAM WAT Tool
Furnace Tool Wet Bench Tool
Implant Tool Used Tool_Furnace
Litho Tool_Scanner Used Tool_Non Furnace
Litho Tool_Track Used tool_Tool Relocation
Litho Tool_after service N28- Accessory_Dry Pump
Litho Tool_after service N40+ Accessory_Turbo Pump
Mask Outsourcing Accessory_Cryo Pump
Metrology_Inspection Tool Accessory_Chiller
Metrology_Measurement Tool Accessory_Local Scrubber
SP - Spare Parts
Ceramic Component Measurement Instrument
Chemical/Liquid Pump Metal Parts (Shower Head)
CMP Parts Optical Component
Coating O-ring
Electronic Component Parts Clean
ESC Plastic/Rubber Machining
Filter Probe Card
Gas Controller Component Quartz Component
Hardware & Accessories RF Generator/Microwave
Heat Exchanger RF Match
Heater (for Chamber) Robot
Heater (for Furnace Tool) Silicon Component
Heating Lamp Thermocouple‎
IMP Graphite/W parts Transmission Component
Magnetic Fluid Valve
DM - Direct Materials
150mm Wafer‎ 300mm Wafer
200mm Wafer‎ EBO Material‎
IDM - Indirect Materials
Chemical (Process)‎ Bump_Chemical
Chemical (Non-process) Bump_DRAM
Chemical (Precursor)‎ Bump_Glass
Gas (Process) Bump_Substrate
Gas (Bulk) Container/Foup/Pod/Cassette
CMP Material (Pad & Disk) Clean Room Dress
CMP Material (Slurry) Supply Related
Quartzware for Furnace Packing Material
Sputtering Target Backend
Litho Material Reclaimed Wafer
FAC - Facility
Civil_Building‎ MEP_UPS
Civil_Steel Structure MEP_FMCS
Civil_Exterior Gas System_Bulk Gas System
Civil_Interior Gas System_Specialty Gas System
Civil_Furniture Chemical System_Chemical Dispense System
Cleanroom_Cleanroom Chemical System_Local Chemical Refill System
Cleanroom_Chemical Filter‎ Chemical System_Slurry Dispense System
MEP_MEP Hookup_Hookup
MEP_Generator Water System_Ultra Pure Water
MEP_Switchgear‎ Water System_Waste Water Treatment
IT/GA - IT/General Affair/EDA/IP/AMHS
Hardware_IT Security‎ Software
Hardware_Unix Server/Storage Service_Outsourcing
Hardware_X86 Server/Storage Service_Counsulting
Hardware_Network Devices General Affairs_Office Related
Hardware_Network Cabling General Affairs_Cleanroom Related
Hardware_Meeting Room Accessories EDA/IP_Software
Hardware_Workstation EDA/IP_Layout/Design Service
Hardware_PC/NB EDA/IP_Intellectual Property
Hardware_Monitor AMHS_Cleanroom Automation
Hardware_Printer‎ AMHS_Non-Cleanroom Automation

Supplier Qualification Procedure

Step-1 Supplier Registration

  1. Apply for supplier account
    It takes 3 to 5 working days to create a supplier’s temporary account.
  2. Enable account by changing password
    You’ll receive an email to confirm your application and Portal portal account password. Please change password as soon as possible to enable the supplier temp account.
  3. Maintain profile
    Complete all mandatory data field and submit for tsmc buyer review. Please understand that your account may be expired if there is no activities for more than 1 year.

To ensure your company will be found from the registered supplier pool, please fill in the required information truthfully and accurately. TSMC has the right to terminate the business if the information provided is inaccurate or false.

Step-2 Supplier Business Qualification

You will not receive any inquiries until TSMC initiates its internal business qualification process.

  1. Update profile
    Please complete sanity check for supplier profiles, especially for “banking information” and save the data if you can not finish the manadatory data all at once.
  2. Download contract / upload contract
    Download tsmc standard contracts first and upload documents after sign off.
  3. Submit for approval

Step-3 Supplier Technical Qualification

TSMC has developed different standards and criteria for certain business categories. Following business qualification, suppliers will be required to provide corresponding data and documents for technical evaluation.

Supplier Visiting Registration

To comply with the rules for “Managing Business Interaction with Vendor”, the interaction between tsmc and suppliers shall be managed properly including the business negotiation and technical communication. Therefore, tsmc designs a system to support suppliers to register visiting request and allow tsmc user to be able to manage and control the supplier visiting including the meeting in tsmc, out-side tsmc and conference meeting.

If you are a qualified supplier of tsmc and require a meeting with tsmc users or/and buyers, you can apply meeting registration. System will have an internal approval process. Once receiving approval notice, you can notify your booking number to tsmc receptionists for check-in if your meeting location is in tsmc. If you are a new supplier to TSMC, please register for supplier account first.