TSMC has always treated suppliers as partners, and works together with them over the long term to build a stable and sustainable semiconductor supply chain. TSMC's mission is to be the trusted technology and capacity provider of the global logic IC industry for years to come, and our supplier partners play a key role in helping us fulfill this mission. TSMC works with its suppliers in reaching the highest standards on quality assurance, cost effectiveness and supply chain service. We also requires each of its suppliers to commit on code of conduct and supply chain sustainability, as we did, so that we can actively respond to our corporate social responsibilities together.

TSMC-Supply Online is a comprehensive web-based service center and an open collaboration platform for TSMC suppliers. It enables functions of new supplier registration, qualification, forecast, supply chain inventory visibility, quotation, purchasing orders processing, quality collaboration, shipment confirmation, and Payment Status inquiry for suppliers that transactions or supply chain information may be managed in real time through a user-friendly B2B interface.